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Canvas Prints

Welcome to the Canvas Printers website. We specialise in High Quality photo to canvas prints and gallery-wrapping in all colours, shapes and sizes. Your one stop canvas printing solution. We deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and all around Australia, plus we have worldwide delivery if you like to send prints to friends and relatives all around the world.


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Canvas Prints


Turning your favorite photograph or artwork into a canvas print has never been easier! Canvas prints are the perfect way to display your favorite piece on any wall. Canvas prints and artwork make the perfect gift for that hard to buy for person.

Canvas Printers use the latest technologies to give you the sharpest and clearest high quality prints available today. After purchase your ready to hang canvas print is produced using only high quality materials, it is then stretched onto the wooden frame (gallery wrapped), packaged professionally and delivered directly to your door.


The perfect gift!

Canvas prints and other products from Canvas Printers make the perfect gift for any occasion.

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Anniversaries
  • House Warming
  • In Memoriam
  • Births

We also have the option of purchasing Gift Certificates which are ideal as wedding presents are a great all round gift for friends and relatives. 

More than just photo canvas printing!

As well as standard canvas printing we offer additional personalized gifts such as:


Packages to suit your needs!

Canvas Printers have a great selection of Canvas packages to suit your needs. Try our mixed size packages or for something a bit more eye catching try one of our wall display packages. We can also custom make any size canvas prints that you may require, please email us at admin@canvasprinters.com.au

Canvas Quality

All our canvas prints are printed using the Epson Stylus Pro 11880 printer with Epson UltraChrome K3 Ink. All prints are coated with a protective laminate which protects it from fading and also repeals dust and water. All our prints come with a lifetime gaurantee.


Photo to Canvas Prints

In the past if a family member wanted a beautiful portrait of a loved one to hang on their wall, they hired a portrait artist, to come to their home and sketch the subject of the picture. After this process, many sittings would be held, where the subject would need to sit or hold a pose for sometimes hours, as the artist recreated the person’s likeness for a canvas. If the artist was a good one, the portrait would closely simulate the person’s features and with any luck, the picture would be one a family could hand down to future generations. Imagine, though, that the portrait was a bad one, and you spent a lot of money to have a picture to hang that looked nothing like your loved one. Not to mention, the problems associated with having the individual sit for long periods of time and the overall time invested.

Most of us have our pictures taken by family members or by a portrait studio to capture those special moments in our lives. People want good pictures of their growing children or grandchildren and certainly for those milestones in life such as; weddings, graduations and special vacations, just to mention a few. However, these pictures, although very good in most cases, are not lifelike, no matter how good looking the subject matter. Now, what if you can recapture that homemade, artistic quality in a digital picture? For those special moments in your life, you may want to have pictures transferred to a canvas, the same type that an artist will paint on to capture a scene.

Canvas portraits can last for decades and if treated correctly, for centuries. What would our world be without the Mona Lisa or works by Picasso and Renoir. To capture that type of canvas print from your own personal compact disc or digital camera, it is essential to pick someone who has the experience and good quality equipment. An exceptional art printer must also have the knowhow to understand the entire printing process and how to work with the canvas. The sky is the limit with the type of picture that can be printed on a canvas.

Some people want to capture the likeness of not only the humans they love but also their pets. For many people, this is very important, as pets are sometimes in our lives for short periods of time. Having a high quality canvas print of your pet can allow owners to remember forever that playful creature who brought so much to their lives. Other people love landscapes as much or maybe more than their loved ones, and will want to recapture the places they visit so the memories are there any time they want to remember their fun times.  

For other people, old family photos that are laying in albums or shoe boxes can be restored and enhanced by the experienced art printer to memorialize on canvas. These prints of our ancestors can make excellent gifts especially for our older family members. Many times they will have forgotten that they had the old photographs, and will appreciate having the canvas.

Another segment of our population that like to buy canvas prints are our military families. Since the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan began, many families of soldiers are having their pictures printed on canvas, especially when they are in their uniforms. This is very important and would make a very thoughtful gift for a mum, dad, wife or husband, of their military loved one.

Some people want an entire family photograph printed on canvas. When loved ones get together for family reunions or when a family has a portrait taken once a year or so, the canvas can be a beautiful way to capture these memories. New parents or expectant parents are having their newborns pictures printed or in some cases, the expectant mother’s picture completed while she is still pregnant.

Whatever you want to capture for your own personal memory, it is essential to do your own research and compare different companies, get estimates and ask for references. A good art printer will not balk at giving a potential new customer any number of references for their work.

 How to decorate your home and office

It is pretty obvious that one would decorate their home and their office space a little bit differently.  Using canvas prints can be a wonderful way to decorate both spaces.  Let us talk first about decorating an office space. 

We spent a lot of our time in our offices and they really should reflect our interests and our personalities.  Since we are working so much these days, decorating your office with canvas prints of favorite people, places or things just makes sense.  If there is a favorite vacation or relaxation spot we frequent, we usually take a few pictures of the space.  Having a print on canvas of, for example a beach that you love can help you relax on a stressful day in the office.  Having prints of your children, spouse and other extended family is also a great idea.

Outside pictures of your home, garden and enjoyed outside activities can also bring about a sense of relaxation that we all need from time to time. 

Decorating your home means having a lot more space to fill.  However, one need not simply hang canvas prints of family members.  This is also a great place to hang vacation canvases, perhaps a picture of the cruise ship you were on, or a piece of architecture or ruins from a historical place. 

A lot of people have hobbies that they love to engage in and pictures of these hobbies can be taken and blown up on the canvas.  Perhaps you are a sewing enthusiast and would like some nice canvas prints of a pair of old scissors or of wooden thread spools, items that are not in use today.  Taking the pictures of these items and producing canvases that are black and white would be very striking in any sewing room.  Or try producing them in sepia tones. 


Parents can take unique pictures of their children, playing in a sprinkler, running through a fountain or going to school for the very first time would all make good prints.  Perhaps one of the main events for the purchase of a canvas is a family wedding celebration.  This is a time when most people do not mind spending a lot of money investing in a portrait that will last a lifetime, especially to give to the newly married couple as a gift. 

Another great idea is to decorate the spaces in your home that usually do not get decorated.  For example, taking pictures of over flowing bags of dirty clothes or ones with dirty muddy kids and husbands can bring a smile to one’s face and remind you of them when you see the prints hanging by the washer and dryer. 

Canvas prints almost always look much better than just a blown up digital photograph. 

The quality can be very good if one takes the time to invest in the print.  Do your research on where the best canvas photo shop is located.  Holiday canvas prints can be put up for each season.  Taking pictures of children or grandchildren carving pumpkins or participating in an Easter egg hunt will capture the memories forever.  Storing the prints away from heat and sunlight will protect them from damage and fading.  Don’t be fooled by sites, especially those online that promise a deal too good to be true.  Usually they are.  The old saying you get what you pay for, is very true in this situation.  Put the money into canvas prints that will last a lifetime or longer, that you can pass down to future generations. 

Intermixing people and places create great focal points in any room, but especially in a living room area.  When people visit your home, the canvas prints of your own pictures will certainly create conversation.  Some individuals will create canvas prints of their children or grandchildren’s art work from school.  What a great gift that would be if a child won a special prize for their work. 

Whatever picture you use to create your own canvas print, one thing is true.  Your photos will personalize your home and office space so that for every minute you spent in either space, you will feel right at home. 

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